Domestic Cleaning


Our angels provide you with a cleaning service for your home in many different ways.  If you are unsure of the service you wish for we can arrange a free visit to discuss this with you.


We are here to help you with anything that we can around your home.  From making beds to getting our hands down the loo to giving it the best clean we can.  Even providing you with equipment and products if required.

Daily Cleaning


Everyone needs a little help from time to time. We can be there on a daily bases to help you.  It could be simple chores as tiding the children's toys away to helping with the breakfast clean up. emptying bins,  Even a busy person on their own may need help, no matter what we are willing to be there for you.



This is the most common choice for our customers who feel this is enough to keep on top of their home.  Using us in your home will help you keep on top of the general and deep cleaning.


Private parties and events


The hardest part for any party or event is organising who is going to help you clean up at the end, or even more importantly preparing for it, we can help you with this.  When we prepare a party or event for you we can provide decorations for you at extra cost, or just have a meeting to discuss how you wish for your venue to look then we will make sure it is right down to the last detail.  If you wish for us to do Clean up we will come 30 minutes before the party or event will finish to proceed in the cleaning for you.  This will mean you can continue to enjoy your party, without having to stop to start the clean up.  We  ensure the cleaning is done quickly to a high standard, without causing to much disruption to your partying.

Or if you prefer we will call the following morning.

Domestic Ironing


Our angels understand ,that when you get home from work the last thing you want to be doing is stood on your feet ironing.  We can be there to help in many different ways, even if your a busy stay home mum with little ones under your feet.  There is no reason that you should not call us to see what time we could free up for you to do more important things.


Coming to your home

If you are using our cleaning service then we can also incorporate your ioning, this will therefore include putting all your items away if necessary,


Bringing it away

We do provide a collection and drop off service if required, this can cost a little more then if we stayed at your home.  We make sure all your items are hung up when we have done it and delivered back to you.  All Ironing is done in a smoke/pet free environment.

One Offs/when required/spring cleans


At times the cleaning can loose its way, we will come and do as much as we can in the set time you give us.  It maybe that you require us once or as required.  



If your cleaner has not been able to come in or if you are ill and unable to do your housework.  This means you may require to find someone just to cover that period.  Give us call and we will see what we can do for you.

Carpet Cleanng


In times of resession why pay for new carpets, why not get a FREE quote off  us for simply cleaning them, you wll be amazed at how well your carpets will look  as good as new.